Tracing Reflection

Analysing text has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I know I have issues with taking things from text too literally, or looking over small details in the process of picturing the scene in my mind. Thankfully with comics, I feel like I am a bit better at analysis. Being able to see all the components of the scene at once instead of having to skim the text over and over again is easier for me and I pick up on details more. Tracing also helped me to pick up details that I hadn’t noticed before like the lamp in Stitches. 

Writing a thesis at the end was tricky for me. I’ve always been taught to start out with the thesis and usually during the essay I will keep on referring back to it to make sure I don’t get too off topic. Of course I had the thesis in mind when I wrote the essay but I didn’t actually have it written out. I was afraid my essay sounded too ramble-ly in my essay but I think with enough editing I avoided it ok. 

I feel like this assignment did help me to unlock the “secret language”. I am a fast reader, much to the detriment of my reading comprehension. Taking the time to trace these pages and really get to know them helped me realize that no detail is put on the page without reason. Until I did this analysis I didn’t get quite how they were different. I knew they were different of course, but until I did I couldn’t say what exact elements made them stand out from each other (Like the shading in each book).

Original Assignment Post

My Analysis

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